triconnex_dealer_icon triconnex_dealer_iconTower Sites & Services

We can assist with the technical issues that arise from site ownership, and are experienced with interference reduction, intermodulation studies, grounding systems, construction, and expansion. We can also help with site upgrades such as ice bridges, cable ladders, antenna combining systems, non-commercial power systems, and any other service required to help make your site more desirable to clients.

Staley Communcation offers a number of tower-related services, which include:

Build to Suit Tower Construction

Count on Staley to successfully take your project from the drawing board to the field of operations. We'll get you from start to finish on all things required to putting a tower site up.

Site Administration

Staley can assist with all the administrative aspects of owning a communications site. Services offered include billing, customer service, collections, and any other assistance that a site may require.

Health and Safety Requirements

Do you need resources and experience to keep your site compliant in all aspects of FCC and FAA regulations, EME requirements, OSHA regulations, fall protection and lighting procedures? We can help!

Site Audits & Troubleshooting

Do you need a full evaluation of your sites and preventative maintenance checks? We can provide detailed drawings, perform RF analysis, inter-modulation studies, as well as coaxial cable and waveguide line sweeping.

System Design Services

The system design department configures wireless communications systems for both government and private industry. The design team and tower crews work together to design and construct exactly what you need.

Site Management Services

Whether you own one rooftop or dozens of towers, Staley offers a number of services that can help grow your revenue and maximize profits. The tower management services offered can be customized on an individual basis to best suit your needs.

Regulation Compliance Assistance

Staley Communcation, Inc can assist with many government rules and regulations including FCC Licensing, Electromagnetic Emissions (EME) studies, FAA tower registration, FCC waiver requests, and OSHA and occupational safety programs compliance.