Two-Way Radio & Accessories Rental

Purchasing radio equipment is not always an option and that is why renting two-way radios is the choice for so many. Our radio will provide all the features your company needs at pricing that is much easier on your budget. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates for rentals.

When you work with Staley Communication for your radio rental, not only will you get the best rental pricing on quality Motorola equipment, you also get a dedicated account manager so you always have one point of contact for everything. In addition to these benefits, we also offer first class technical support to make sure you get the most out of your rental!

Portable Radios

Staley offers several different models of Motorola portable radio rentals in UHF to meet all of your communication needs. These radios are capable of multiple channels if you require separate groups of communication.

Control/Base Stations

Control stations are ideal for on-site applications such as a command center. The speaker is built into the radio itself. Rental comes with a magnetic mount antenna, power supply, and a desk microphone.


Repeaters increase the range and capabilities of your portable communications, solving coverage problems. We'll work with you to determine the best way to cover the most area.

Available Accessories

Sometimes the days are long and the nights even longer. Having spare portable radio batteries on hand guarantees continued usage when the operator is unable to get to a charger in time.

All portable radio rentals include your choice of single and/or multi unit chargers at no additional charge. Single unit chargers are ideal for radios that are always scattered around in different locations when not in use. If radios are brought back to a single location for charging then the multi unit charger is the best option. Mix and match to fit your needs!

Frees up operators hands and provides optimal sound clarity in noisy environments. The user can transmit with the radio's internal VOX capability or with the Push-To-Talk button. Some users require the rugged heavy duty headset while others only need the lightweight headset. Whichever you need - Staley has you covered on rental radio headsets!

Attaches to the operator's clothing for louder audio and easier accessibility to the Push-To-Talk button. It is usually clipped on the shoulder for easy access and eliminates the need to remove the radio from a belt for use. Once you use these you'll wonder how you ever went without them in the past - these speaker mics make using a radio so much better!

The discreet earpiece is accompanied with a microphone so you don't need to take the radio off the belt for use. Just press the Push-To-Talk button on the lapel microphone to communicate. Ideal for police, security, and other operators who do not want to make it obvious that they have a radio on them.


Rental Quote Request

Shipping and Receiving

Staley Communication has been renting radio and walkie-talkie equipment across the United States for over 15 years. We have offices located in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio and are ready to ship anywhere in the country - or we can schedule for local pickup if you are in the area.

William McDanielMarshall University Thundering Herd IMG Sports Marketing
The radios were perfect for what we needed! I had no less than 10 comments from our staff on how much easier it made everything in comparison to using cell phones. For a nationally televised game like we had on Saturday, I’m not sure how it could have been done well without being able to have direct communications at all times - there are always so many little adjustments during the course of a game. The full headset for our game director was ideal, she was very happy as she could actually hear everyone even in front of 40,000 fans.