triconnex_dealer_icon triconnex_dealer_icon FCC Licensing Services

We make all of your FCC Licensing requirements easy and straightforward. This can often be a tedious and long process so we take care of the details and make sure everything is done right when it comes to your FCC license. We've been working with the FCC and associated coordinators for years. We make sure to stay up on the latest rules and procedure changes so you don't have to worry about a licensing problem that could keep you "off the air".

triconnex_dealer_icon triconnex_dealer_icon Services We Can Help With

  • Applying for a New License
  • Modifying an Existing License
  • Construction Notifications
  • Assignments of Authorization
  • Narrowbanding and Wideband Removal
  • Emission Designator Updating
  • FRN Number Creation
  • Waivers and Justifications