Industry Solutions

Staley Communication has been providing solutions to a diverse customer base for over 50 years. We have the experience and expertise to take your communication to the next level!

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement personnel need zero-fault-tolerant wireless communications to keep the public safe.


When you keep better track of your fleet, your operation becomes more efficient and profitable.


The right wireless solutions will keep your assembly line running smoothly and your profits secure.

Fire & EMS

Fire & EMS need reliable, effective wireless solutions for their emergency response efforts.


Whether it is trying to track down a nurse or calling for security, being able to quickly communicate is key.

Oil & Gas

Proper communication will allow you to enhance safety, improve security, and increase overall productivity.


School administrators and personnel must be in constant contact to optimize campus security and operations.


You need wireless services to keep your guests happy and your business profitable.


Construction projects demand reliable, cost-effective mobile communications to stay on time and on budget.